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0843 658 0816

Vanquis Telephone Banking
Vanquis Telephone Banking
Head Office Phone Number Opening Hours
No. 1 Godwin Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2SU 0843 658 0816 24/7

If you are new to telephone banking or if you want to transfer money between accounts. You can do so by speaking to a representative over the phone or in-branch, Vanquis Telephone Banking can provide you with an accessible, simple and secure solution to your query.

Reasons to call the Vanquis Telephone Banking Number

  • To find out more about their Vanquis card
  • To find information on improving your credit with Vanquis
  • For information on their flexible repayment options
  • If you have a query regarding any of their services

Vanquis Credit Card for Bad Credit

The Vanquis credit card is for those with bad credit who want to increase their credit rating. Once you’ve spoken to an advisor, you can receive your Vanquis card, with a credit limit of £150 and £1000. Once you have your card, you could receive credit increases every 5 months of up to £5000. To apply for a Vanquis credit card, we advise ringing the number above or heading over to the Vanquis website. You will receive an answer to your application within 60 seconds. With a Vanquis card, you can experience 56 days before having to pay an amount back onto it with no interest.

When applying online for the Vanquis card, you can choose which design you’d like on the card itself, an offer than not a lot of companies offers their customers. You can also use the Vanquis card for online shopping and for payments over the phone.

To build your credit rating on your Vanquis card, we advise staying within your credit limit on the card. It’s also wise to be sensible with spending and pay your monthly bill on time. If you don’t stick to these, your credit rating may even decrease to more than it was before signing up for the Vanquis card.

Vanquis Credit Card for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy usually lasts for 12 months in the UK, once this period of time is over, it can be hard to find your feet again. Usually, a lender will access your past when applying for a new credit card. Vanquis will consider applications from Bankrupt members of the public and usually offer them a chance to regain good credit with their Vanquis card.

Vanquis Credit Card for Divorced couples

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, the Vanquis card can help in separating your funds from one another. You’ll have your own credit card, and will be able to access your own statements and pay bills online. If you ring the number above, an advisor can help if you need a Vanquis card after a divorce or separation.

Vanquis Credit Card for those on Low Income and Minimum Wage

When you’re on a low income or on the minimum wage in the UK, you can apply for a Vanquis card to help build your credit and funds. Once you become a Vanquis member, you also have the benefit of having some holidays paid for you in the case of unemployment or an illness of you or family member. For more information on this service, ring the number above and we will connect you to the Vanquis customer service line.

Vanquis Credit Card for those new to the UK

Vanquis Telephone BankingIf you’re new to the UK and want to start building good credit for yourself, the Vanquis card is perfect for you. With a simple and fast acceptance rate, you can have your Vanquis card within a week of applying for your credit card. With this credit card, there is also a friendly call centre you can call if you have any queries about your card. Simply ring the number above and let us put you through to a member of the Vanquis customer service team.


Do Vanquis charge for withdrawing cash?
How can I apply for a credit increase with Vanquis?
Are Vanquis and Aqua the same company?
How do I close my Vanquis account?
Why is my Vanquis card blocked?

Do Vanquis charge for withdrawing cash?

If you withdraw from an ATM in the UK that displays the VISA sign, there will be a charge of 3%. You may also be charged if you use your Vanquis card abroad. The check this, ring the number above to speak to an operator.

How can I apply for a credit increase with Vanquis?

Vanquis aim to help their customers, and provide them with credit increases when they either need one or if they’ve stuck to their current limit for 5 months or more. To be considered eligible for an increase, stick to well within your limit and spend wisely. You should also note that meeting the criteria may not automatically mean you receive an increase.

Are Vanquis and Aqua the same company?

No, Aqua is owned by New Day, and Vanquis is a state-owned company which works in its own name.

How do I close my Vanquis account?

If you wish to cancel or close your Vanquis account, ring the number above and discuss your options with an operator. Once you’re in contact with a member of the customer service team, you can pay any outstanding bills or payments and they will cancel your account for you.

Why is my Vanquis card blocked?

You can block your Vanquis card if it has been lost or stolen to prevent anyone else from using it. If your card has been blocked without your knowledge, it may have been done as a security measure. If they suspect some dangerous activity on your account they can block it for your safety. If you suspect that it has been blocked, ring the number above to speak to someone.

About Vanquis

Vanquis was registered as a business in 2002, and by 2003 had accepted over 35 000 customers. By 2012, the company had over 2 million customers and had amassed a variety of distinctions such as being named Credit Today’s Credit Card Provider of the Year twice. The company seeks to provide their customers with bad credit the chance to manage easy credit. They are a UK based credit card company, and also support numerous charities across the UK.

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