Tesco Telephone Banking

0845 300 4278

Tesco Telephone Banking
Tesco Telephone Banking

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Department Phone Number
Head Office 0845 300 4278
Transfers 0845 300 4278
Balances 0845 300 4278

Opening Hours

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Mon-Fri 8am – 7pm
Weekends CLOSED

Why would I need Tesco telephone banking?

There are a number of reasons why you might need to reach Tesco bank via telephone. The most common occurrences of people ringing Tesco telephone banking are:

  • Lost or stolen bank card
  • Unable to gain access to your online account
  • Your card has been declined
  • You want to make a payment
  • You want to make a transfer, either to another account or between your own accounts
  • You want to see your available balance
  • You want to set up an account with Tesco Bank
  • You want to set up an additional account eg. a savings account with Tesco Bank
  • To make a complaint
  • To report fraud
  • To find the location of your nearest branch

Who are Tesco telephone banking?Tesco telephone Banking Worker

Tesco bank is a retail bank that was established in 1997. When it was first created, the bank was agreed to be owned 50/50 by The Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco. However, since 2008 it has been wholly owned by supermarket giant Tesco. Tesco Telephone Banking plays a huge part in the Tesco banking process, and if you want to speak to someone about your account, there are advisers available to help you. Tesco banking’s first credit card was also launched in 1997, and if you would like to use one, or pay off your credit card debt, please call the Tesco telephone banking contact number. Previous to 2014, the bank did not offer a current account, but now do. They also deal with a range of banking activities including home insurance, savings, credit cards, loans and mortgages. Tesco banking prides itself on their customer service and came 1st in the British Banking Awards with a customer service satisfaction rating of 87.8%. The bank still remains registered in Scotland and it’s head office branch is in Edinburgh. The bank is thought to now have over 7 million customers.

Tesco Current Accounts

Opening or switching to a Tesco current account is easily done online, or over the phone. Switching to Tesco bank can unlock a range of bonuses and rewards and their current account if definitely worth considering. Bank account balances of up to £3000 will be paid interest of 3% per year. Tesco understand that switching bank accounts can often be a hassle, but they make it a quick and easy job, handling all the minor jobs and switching over your details so that you don’t have to. Tesco do also offer overdrafts on your current account, and these come in two types. Both arranged and un-arranged overdrafts incur a 18% interest rate (this is assuming the overdraft limit is 1,200), but arranged overdrafts (basically ones that have been given by Tesco) incur no other fees when you go into them. If you reach an unarranged overdraft, then a charge will be put in place by the bank, as you have spent more money than you have. You will be charged a fee for going over your agreed limit with the bank, and you will also be charged interest on the amount you are spending whilst you are overdrawn in your account. Tesco offer an overdraft control facility that alerts you when you have a payment due (direct debit/standing order) and you don’t have enough money in your bank to pay it, meaning you will likely go overdrawn. You can then use overdraft control to decide whether you want to make that payment. If you are unsure of which option you should choose, you can ring the telephone banking contact number to discuss your options.

Tesco Digital BankingMan using Tesco Banking

Digital banking is an extremely popular form of banking as it can be managed at any time of the day, and is often easy and convenient. You can log into your digital banking online using your own username and password where you will be able to check your current account, as well as any savings, loans or credit cards you might have. It is important to keep your banking details safe and never respond to any emails that request your details. Tesco will never contact you by email and ask for your details. You can call the Tesco telephone banking contact number and set up your online banking. Once you have registered, logging in is simple and easy.

How do I log into my Tesco Online Bank?

The details you will need to log into your account are your username, password and security number. Cleverly, Tesco will also display an image you recognise so that you know you are on the right account. if you log in and do not recognise this image, then you must contact Tesco banking immediately. For security reasons, you might sometimes be requested to provide a One Time Access Code, and this is normally if you attempt to log into your bank on a computer or device that the bank does not recognise. The normal way to receive your One Time Access Code is by text message, or by a message sent to your landline so you must make sure your chosen contact is up to date. If you are going to use the device frequently to access your bank, you can select for it to be remembered and therefore you will not be requested for a One Time Access code again.

Tesco home insuranceTesco Home Insurance

Tesco Bank offers a 5 star rated home insurance that covers both buildings and contents. The standard contents cover is £75, 000 new for old, which with a premium programme can be updated to £100, 000. ‘Additional cover’ comes in the form of extra options and so you can add as many or as little as you like, only paying for what you feel you need. The optional extras include cover for bicycles and home emergency cover which offers 24 hour cover in an emergency. To get a quote for your home, just visit the Tesco Banking website, where you can explore what Tesco home insurance has to offer. Tesco Home Insurance also offers £15, 000 towards accommodation if your home is not safe to live in and even offers £1, 000 to replace food wasted due to a freezer failure. Visit the website to see full details of Tesco Home Insurance cover including excess charges and terms and conditions.

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