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In this age of branch closures and hectic running around, it’s great to be able to contact your bank wherever you are and take full control of your account. As a First Direct customer, you can do this at any time and from any location using First Direct’s telephone banking service, on the number listed above.

With First Direct telephone banking, you can access your account, hear your balance, make funds transfers, set up payments or pay bills and find any information you want on a huge range of First Direct banking services. The First Direct Telephone Banking team has years of experience under their belts and can offer all these services with complete security and care for the customer.


Call First Direct Telephone Banking on 0843 557 4809

If you need to use First Direct telephone banking services, call the number above. It’s open every single day, 24 hours a day, so you can always rely on it when you need to access your bank.

Matter where you are in the world, you can access First Direct’s telephone banking services and manage your finances effectively. All you need to do is call, and your confidential security information is entered via the keypad to prevent anything being said out loud. Even in crowded areas, the use of First Direct telephone banking is descreet and secure.

When it comes to managing your finances, accounts and payments, telephone banking from First Direct is impossible to beat. Even if you rnearest bank branch is 1000 miles away, you can access and control your banking any time you need to, simply by calling 0843 557 4809.

Why use First Direct telephone banking?

First Direct telephone banking offers you a way to check your account balance, arrange payments  and organise your finances in th emiddle of your busy life.

Using First Direct telephone banking, you can check on any of your accounts (or all of them) plus set up debits or payments, alter them or cancel them, transfer money between accounts or arrang eot set up a new account. You can also use First Direct telephone banking to arrange other handy banking tools like First Direct online banking, or banking on a smartphone using the First Direct App!

So how do I register for First Direct telephone banking?

In order to make use of First Direct’s telephone banking services, you first need to register for the service. You can do this over the phone, just by calling the First Direct telephone number, 0843 557 4809, which will direct you to a member of the First Direct accounts team. From there, you’ll need your account information and security info, and the answers to the security questions you’ll be asked to set up. That’s all you need! The rest will be taken care of by the First Direct team.

After a few minutes, you’ll be ready to go, and can connect to First Direct banking directly with your phone wherever you are and whenever you need to.

What happens when I call the First Direct telephone banking line?

After calling the First Direct telephone banking number, 0843 557 4809, you’ll be read an automated menu which will serve to work out what you need. The menu is a sort of funnel that makes sure you are put through to the best possible service or expert as quickly and easily as possible. Move around the menu simply by listening to the options and using your keypad to select which ones you need.

Those options are:

Press 1 to listen to your account balance and access your accounts. You’ll be instructed when you need to input more information, like choosing which account to look at, and will then by able to listen to the balance of the account being read (by a machine, not a human operator) and will be able to take control fo the accounts to make transactions or transfers.

Press 2 to order hard copies of any documentation you need, letter versions of your bank statement, or a chequebook. You’ll also be able to set up regular paper statements and change your address with the bank this way.

Press 3 to get access to your direct debits, funds transfers and payments. The automated clerk working with you will instruct you at each step of the process and provide all the information you need to quickly, easily and safely move money between your First Direct accounts, set up transfers and arrange to pay bills and fees. If you have a First Direct credit card, you amy also pay it off using this service.

Press 4 to skip the automated services and be transferred directly to a human operator. The telephone operators at First Direct are aprt of a dedicated customer service team, who can resolve any issues that the automated services cannot and prvide any information you need. Sometimes what you really need is just to talk to an expert – using First Direct telephone banking, you can.

Using First Direct telephone banking for business

If you use First Direct as the base for your business banking, you can use the telephone banking service to access and control that account whenever you need it, wherever you are. If you need to access your business account at 2 in the morning, you can, thanks to First Direct’s 24-hour telephone banking coverage.

Registering yourself for a business account with First Direct costs nothing and only takes a moment. From there, getting access to telephone banking for that business is as easy as calling the First Direct telephone banking number, 0843 557 4809, and going through to an operator, who will be able to connect you.

However, if you already use First Direct telephone banking, you don’t need to even do that – your business account will be automatically grouped with your other accounts on telephone banking when you register it.

What are the advantages of First Direct’s telephone business banking?

As this page has covered already, there are a number of advantages to telephone banking that traditional branch banking just can’t compete with. Here’s how they transfer over to running a business account through First Direct’s telephone banking service.

Complete control, whenever and wherever you need it. First Direct customers can call up whenever they want to check the accounts, oder mini-statements or check up on their recent activity, making sure nothing goes on in their business accounts that they don’t know about.
Convenient means of arranging payments. Business account holders can quickly set up payments to suppliers or beneficiaries, either as a one-off or a regular payment. They can also manage any direct debits or standing orders on the account.
No fees. First Direct telephone banking, and all its business accounts, are free to use. The only cost you’ll incur using it are transaction fees, if they’re applicable, and the price of the call.
Easy management of multiple accounts. The First Direct telephone banking service links all your accounts together at one service, allowing you to quickly and conveniently manage all your accounts with one phone call. Transfers between First Direct accounts occur immediately, so you can also easily move money between your accounts.
Immediate funds transfers. When you move mney from one First Direct account to another, the transfer is instantaneous – gone are the days of waiting 3-5 business days for funds to come through. This makes managing multiple business accounts even easier and allows you peace of mind while working on your business with First Direct.

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