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Telephone banking is increasingly replacing traditional branch banking across the world, allowing customers to check their balances, transfer funds, set up payments and pay off overdrafts, and find more information on a number of services and accounts in a safe, secure way. Clydesdale has been operating a telephone banking service for several years and boast of incredible ease of use and customer security.

clydesdale bank telephone banking

Call Clydesdale Telephone Banking – 0843 658 6899

Trying to get in touch with Clydesdale Telephone Banking? Call the number above, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to be put directly through to the Clydesdale Telephone Banking Service.

Clydesdale telephone banking allows customers to manage their finances from anywhere in the world, at any time – all they need to do is call in and provide their confidential logins. Nothing is said out loud, all login details are input directly into the keypad, so the use of telephone banking is secure wherever you are.

As a tool to manage money, assets and bank accounts, telephone banking can’t be beaten. Even if you can’t reach a bank branch, you can take control of your banking at any time, simply by calling the Clydesdale banking number above.

Why use Clydesdale telephone banking?

Clydesdale telephone banking provides a perfect solution to checking your account balance, organising funds and working with your accounts in the hectic bustle of everyday life.

With it, you can call up and check your accounts, set up or alter payments, make funds transfers and make enquiries about new accounts, offers and changes to your existing accounts. Telephone banking from Clydesdale is also useful for setting up additional convenient remote banking options like Clydesdale online banking or mobile banking using the Clydesdale Mobile App.

How can I register for Clydesdale telephone banking?

To use Clydesdale telephone banking services, you need to register with them, which can be done over the phone. Simply call the Clydesdale contact number on 0843 658 6899, and you’ll be directed to a member of staff who will be able to set up your telephone banking. You will need your account details and security information handy, plus a few security questions ready to go, but besides that everything will be handled by the customer care team at Clydesdale.

Registration only takes a few minutes, and after that you can use your phone to connect to Clydesdale and manage your accounts and funds whenever and wherever you like!

What happens when I call the Clydesdale telephone banking line?

When you call the Clydesdale telephone banking line on 0843 658 6899, the first thing you will hear is an automated menu which will give you multiple options as to how to proceed. The automated menu functions to quickly sort your request so you wind up talking to the relevent experts – you can navigate it simply by listening to the various options and then selecting that numbered option.

The options are as follows:

Press 1 to hear your account balance or make an account transaction. You will be prompted at appropriate times to input more information and will then be able to hear your account balance and arrange any transactions you need to make.

Press 2 for direct debits, funds transfers and to make payments. You’ll be prompted for each step of the process and will be able to safely and securely move funds between Clydesdale accounts, make funds transfers and set up payments for bills and other expenses, and pay off a Clydesdale credit card.

Press 3 to order a physical copy of your bank statement, set up regular paper statements, or arrange to have a physical chequebook sent to you.


Press 4 to be transferred through to an operator. The Clydesdale telephone banking operators are a dedicated team of customer service experts, able to resolve any issues you may have or answer any questions. Sometimes the only thing for it is to talk to a trained professional, and with Clydesdale telephone banking, you always can.

Using Clydesdale telephone banking for a business account

If you have a business account with Clydesdale, you can access that account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their telephone banking service. No matter when or where you need to use your business account, you can rely on Clydesdale telephone banking to help you when you need it most.

Registering a Clydesdale business account is free, and only takes a few minutes. Setting up telephone banking for a business account is as simple as calling the Clydesdale telephone banking number listed on this page (0843 658 6899) and telling the operators that that is what you would like to do. If you already use telephone banking for your current account or personal finances, then don’t worry about it – your business account will already be linked to your telephone banking when you set it up.

What are the advantages of using Clydesdale telephone banking for Business?

Clydesdale telephone banking offers business owners a number of valuable advantages overe traditional branch banking for business accounts, such as;

Total control of accounts. Customers can quickly and easily access their business accounts to hear their balance, order a mini-statement and track recent activity, keeping them abreast of all the financial goings-on in the business accounts
Convenient bill payments. Business owners can set up quick and easy payments to their customers or suppliers, either as single payments or recurring, regular payments, and can also manage any standing orders or Direct Debits you may have.
Immediate funds transfers. Money transferred between Clydesdale accounts goes instantly – there’s no waiting period while it processes, and you can access it straight away.
Free service. The Clydesdale telephone banking service – and its business accounts in general – are free and have no monthly subscription fee or hidden charges. You need only pay the transaction charge, where it applies, and the cost of the phone call you made ot access the telephone banking service.
Simple, fast multi-account management. Clydesdale telephone banking services are linked to all your registered accounts simultaneously, so you will be able to quickly, easily and effectively manage every account you own with a single phone call. As transfers between Clydesdale accounts are instant, you can also effortlessly move money through the accounts with no wait times.

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