AIB Telephone Banking

0844 826 1928

AIB Telephone Banking


Head Office Phone Number Opening Hours
AIB Bankcentre Ballsbridge
4 Co.
0844 826 1928 24/7

If you are just getting started with telephone banking, want to transfer money between accounts, or would rather talk to a representative over the phone instead on in branch, AIB Telephone Banking can provide you with an accessible, simple and secure solution to your query.

Reasons to call the AIB telephone banking number

The number above can be used for a number of reasons, including:

  • If you’ve lost your credit or debit card or it has been stolen
  • To find information on their current or savings accounts
  • To find information on their financial planning
  • If you have a query regarding their pension plan
  • If you have a query regarding their Mortgages, Insurance, or Investment funds

AIB Loans

AIB offer a range of loans to suit any need. Below is a list of all the loans that AIB have to offer their customers:

  • Personal Loan. With this loan, you will have a decision within 3 hours of your application, and could recieve between €1000 – €30 000. You can even apply for this loan if you do not bank with AIB. Simply ring the number above and discuss your options with an operator.
  • Car Finance Loan. Car Loan decisions are made up to 3 hours of your claim, and you could loan up to €10 000.
  • Home Improvement Loan. If you’re looking for a loan that can help towards the improvement of your home, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, AIB can help. The interest rate on a Home Improvement Loan is subject to change. For more information on the loan, ring the number above.
  • Travel Loan. Holidays can be expensive, with the Travel Loan, you can go on holiday without worrying about money.
  • Education Loan. AIB understand how expensive it can be to fund an education. Ring the number above to talk through your options with an advisor.
  • First Job Loan. This loan is for those aged between 18-26 and in their first full-time job. Their wages must be paid into their AIB account for them to apply for the loan.
  • Wedding Loan. With a wedding loan you can borrow up to €30 000 in preparation for your big day. Once approved, the funds will be sent straight into your account.

AIB Current Accounts

AIB also offer a range of current accounts to suit your personal needs. The AIB personal account is accessible to anyone over the age of 16 and creates an easy way to access your money. AIB also offer Student and Advantage accounts as well as a debit card service. If you wish to find out more information on these accounts, or wish to learn more on how to switch to AIB, simply call the number above to speak to an advisor.

AIB Future Financial Planning

If you’re worried about your future and the future of your spending, you can speak to AIB. They’re try their best to help you plan for the future, whether that be for the future funding of your children, or if you’re worried about your family and you’re ill. Call the number above to speak to an advisor.

AIB Mortgages

AIB Telephone BankingAIB have a wide range of mortgages available to suit your needs. Ranging from First Time buyers to Buy-To-Let mortgages. If you wish to find out more about the Mortgages on offer to you, or you wish to calculate how much you can borrow for your mortgage, ring the number above to be put in contact with an advisor.

AIB Insurance

It’s good to know that you’re protected when you need it the most. Below are some of the insurance policies that AIB have to offer customers:

  • Home Insurance. Their cheap home insurance policies aim to help you in every single way. It also offers benefits over a certain amount of time, such as a 30% discount if you have no claims for the first 3 years.
  • AIB Car Insurance. As with their Home Insurance, AIB offer a 75% discount if you’re 5 years or more no claims.
  • AIB Travel Insurance. With offers of 50% for one year insurance, it’s easy to see why AIB are number 1 for their travel insurance in Ireland.
  • Life and Illness Insurance. Protecting what matters most to you is the number 1 priority of AIB. Ring an advisor on the number above to find out more information on this service.
  • Online Life Insurance. A simple life insurance which you can buy online.
  • Inheritance Tax Insurance. 
  • PPI.

AIB Pensions

At AIB, Pensions are important. They have experienced financial planners who can help with any pension plan than you have in mind. They also offer a free pensions retirement planning serivce for those who enquire about the services availble. For more information on pensions from AIB, ring the number above.


How much can I withdraw with an AIB account?
How do I close my account with AIB?
How do I cancel a standing order?
How do I open a bank account with AIB?
Are there any fees to transfer money internationally with AIB?

How much can I withdraw with an AIB account?

Withdrawal limits are different for each account and credit account. At an ATM machine, the maximum you can withdraw with any card is €600. In branch you withdraw, depending on your account, anything up to €1300.

How do I close my account with AIB?

Closing a personal account with AIB is straightforward. In branch, you simply need ID and a reason why you’re closing your account. Once you have disclosed this, all you need to do is sign a form and pay any outstanding fees that you owe to AIB. Once this has been done your account will officially be closed by AIB.

How do I cancel a standing order?

You can cancel a standing order via online banking, over the phone or in-branch. However, if you request to do this in-branch you may be asked to pay a fee to do so.

How do I open a bank account with AIB?

To open an account wth AIB, simply ring the number above or visit a branch and discuss the best account for you with one of their advisors.

Are there any fees to transfer money internationally with AIB?

You can transfer money safe and securley with AIB online or telephone banking. There is no fee to do this. Have the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and SWIFT Address/Bank Identifier Code (BIC) when doing this, as you will require both.

About AIB

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is state owned, and is one of the four biggest banks in Ireland today. The company also run Ark Life Insurance and First Trust Bank, and in 2010 the majority share was bought by the Irish government.



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